Our goal is to facilitate an affordable, healing journey.

Auxilian Counselling

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We aim to provide services that are understandable and affordable which seeks positive results in an efficient manner.


We see each person as having an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspect to their lives. If any one of these experiences injury or stress there is an impact on the other aspects of the person. Our goal is to work with together in restoring a healing balance to the whole person as much as we are able.





Every person has an inherent value within themselves that deserves respect. This is our starting point in working with people and is reflected in the counselling processes used. We believe each client is the expert in their own life story, we seek to walk with each person to help them uncover the things they would like to change and facilitate that change.


Seeking help is not an easy step to take for many people. We seek to make this process as easy as possible. We recognize that it is only by engaging and feeling with each person that the two way process of building trust can begin. Trust is essential for counselling to be effective. But empathizing with each person doesn’t mean not holding people accountable for their part in the journey.



Just as physical hurts and illness sometimes require specialized help, emotional hurts also sometimes benefit from working with a competent person who respects you and who you can develop a trusting, caring working relationship. Our desired outcome is healing that impacts our whole being.

The work we seek to do in relationship with our clients is informed by the ideas and practices of Narrative Therapy and Solution Oriented Therapy. These focus on the strengths, resources and supportive relationship networks people have. These strengths help in finding a new life narrative that can help people move away from being dominated by issues and problems.


It is also important to note that while we respect the individual belief systems of each client, our work is also informed by our therapists being Christ centred. We believe this helps us respect and care for each person we meet. It is not our intention to force our beliefs onto any person we work with. However we are happy to answer questions about spiritual influences or beliefs that people may consider have some influence on their life struggles.


John Silver

MCouns, Dip Theol, Grad Dip Min, C Dec


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